CATEGORY: Environmental

COMPLIANCE REFERENCE: T8 CCR 5192 and 29 CFR 1910.1200

(C) Hazardous Materials Technician: Hazardous materials technicians are individuals who respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances for the purpose of stopping the release. They assume a more aggressive role than a first responder at the operations level in that they will approach the point of release in order to plug, patch, or otherwise stop the release of a hazardous substance. Hazardous materials technicians shall have received at least 24 hours of training of which 8 hours shall be equivalent to the first responder operations level and in addition have competency in the following areas; and the employer shall so certify:

  1. Know how to implement the employer's emergency response plan.
  2. Know the classification, identification, and verification of known and unknown materials by using field survey instruments and equipment.
  3. Be able to function within an assigned role in the ICS.
  4. Know how to select and use proper specialized chemical PPE provided to the hazardous materials technician.
  5. Understand hazard and risk assessment techniques.
  6. Be able to perform advanced control, containment, and/or confinement operations and rescue injured or contaminated persons within the capabilities of the resources and PPE available with the unit.
  7. Understand and implement equipment, victim, and rescue personnel decontamination procedures.
  8. Understand termination procedures.
  9. Understand basic chemical and toxicological terminology and behavior.

DURATION OF COURSE: 24 hours, CSTI Certified Course 

In the Hazardous Materials Industry Technician course, we will provide you with the required skills and knowledge to effectively respond to industry hazardous materials events using necessary safety tactics in a professional, competent capacity. You will learn proper procedures for using field survey instruments and equipment, specialized PPE, and techniques for control, containment and/or confinement operations, as well as gain experience in rescuing injured or contaminated.

At the completion of this training session, participants will achieve all of the following objectives.

  • All First Responder Awareness and Operations Level Information
  • The Employer’s Emergency Response Plan
  • Site Safety Plans and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Classification, Identification and Verification of Known and Unknown Materials Haz Mat Release Countermeasures
  • Safety, Isolation and Notifications (SIN)
  • Offensive and Defensive Control Options for Hazardous Materials Releases
  • Monitoring Equipment and Detection Devices
  • Protection Actions
  • Incident Command System
  • Agency, Coordination and pre-Event Plans
  • Rescue injured or contaminated persons within the capabilities of the resources and PPE available with the unit.
  • Exercise, Critique and Exercise Briefing
  • The Media and Haz Mat Legal Aspects

    At the conclusion of the class, each participant will take a written examination and complete a course evaluation.