COURSE: Forklift Training & Industrial Power Truck Operator


DURATION OF COURSE: 4 hours to 8 hours depending on equipment

The goal of this comprehensive employee training program is to prevent injuries and death due to falls while working on elevated surfaces.

The purpose of this course is to increase the Forklift Operator's awareness about the capabilities, limitations, engineering principles and CAL/OSHA regulations regarding industrial power trucks.

Operating instructions, warnings, and precautions for the types of truck the operator will be authorized to operate.

  • Differences between the truck and the automobile.
  • Truck controls and instrumentation: where they are located, what they do, and how they work.
  • Engine or motor operation.
  • Steering and maneuvering.
  • Visibility including restrictions due to loading).
  • For and attachment adaption, operation, and use limitations.
  • Vehicle capacity.
  • Vehicle stability.
  • Any vehicle inspection and maintenance that the operator will be required to perform.
  • Refueling and/or charging and recharging of batteries.
  • Operating limitations.
  • Any other operating instructions, warnings, or precautions listed in the operator's manual for the types of vehicle that the employee is being trained to operate.
  • Surface conditions where the vehicle will be operated.
  • Compositions of loads to be carried and load stability.
  • Load manipulation, stacking, and unstacking.
  • Pedestrian traffic in areas where the vehicle will be operated.
  • Narrow aisles and other restricted places where the vehicle will be operated.
  • Hazardous (classified) locations where vehicle will be operated.
  • Ramps and other sloped surfaces that could affect the vehicle's stability.
  • Closed environments and other areas where insufficient ventilation or poor vehicle maintenance could cause a build-up of carbon monoxide or diesel exhaust.

At the conclusion of the class, each participant will take a written examination and complete a course evaluation.