COURSE: Scaffolding and Ladder Safety Competent Person

COMPLIANCE REFERENCE: Construction Safety Orders Section 1637

Scaffold user 8 hours    
Competent Person 16 hours

Serious injuries and deaths occur as a result of not being trained on the hazards and safe practices of using scaffolds. The goal of this program is to teach the hazard recognition and the safe methods of working with scaffolding and to prevent injuries and deaths.


This course will include the following elements:

  • Causes of Accidents
  • Cal-OSHA Regulations
  • Safe Practices
  • Correct Procedures for Erecting Maintaining and Disassembling
  • Guard Rail Systems
  • Ladder Safety Principles
  • Fall Protection Training*
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Written Exam

This course will include video tapes and hands-on demonstrations.

*Note: Please refer to our Fall Protection Course Outline for details on Fall Protection Training and Program under General Industry Safety Orders 1670.