Online Safety Training

On-line training has benefits and limitations, especially in the world of OSHA and environmental compliance. We have very carefully selected which courses we are willing to offer on-line because we take our responsibility as safety consultants seriously. Not everyone is suited to taking an on-line course and not all courses are suitable for on-line training. Most require some sort of practical application training as well. We have chosen these few courses as ones we see the most applicable to on-line training and offering the most benefit to the employer’s business.

The OSHA Outreach courses have been approved by OSHA and the students will be certified by OSHA. These courses are highly recommended by OSHA, but are expensive when there are a small number of students to be trained. The on-line training can help.

The CSTI Hazardous Materials courses have been approve by CSTI and the students will be certified by CSTI to the limit of the theoretical teaching from an on-line course. The practical portion will still need to be arranged either by the employer or with Safety Training Specialists, Inc. Certification is not complete until the practical training has occurred.

We look forward to any direct feedback you might have. Thank you for allowing Safety Training Specialists, Inc. to be of service. I hope you will consider us for other training and consultation your company might need.

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