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Earthquake Readiness OSHA Compliance Poster

Laminated 19'' x 25''

Earthquake Readiness OSHA Compliance Poster


This training poster provides life-saving tips to increase your chances of survival before, during and after an earthquake. Post these survival guidelines before an emergency occurs. The quick reference list of "how-to's" ensure safe practices during an earthquake. Complete your training by providing your employees the tools for reference during the post trauma period when "after shocks" occur following an earthquake. The poster includes a Utility Shut-off Location and Emergency Numbers fill-in chart.

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Emergency Supplies Checklist includes: Essentials, Sanitation Supplies, Safety & Comfort, Cooking & Supplies.

Spanish also available


NOTE:  OSHA requires both a written program, drills and training for Emergency Preparedness.  We have a written program available, shown below.  Training information can be found on the drills and training classes link on the left or this link

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