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California State & Fed All-On-One OSHA Compliance Poster

Laminated 27” x 40”

California State & Fed All-On-One OSHA Compliance Poster


Now it's easy to comply and eliminate multiple posting pieces with this California All-On-One Labor Law Poster. This attractive, convenient, poster includes all of your State, Federal, and OSHA mandatory posting requirements.

California also requires the posting of an Industrial Wage Commission (IWC) Wage Order specific to your industry/occupation - Revised! 1/2007. Other requirements include: CA Sexual Harassment Pamphlet, CA Workers' Compensation Pamphlet, CA State Disability Insurance Brochure information to be given to employees. Other "industry specific" postings may be required in California, please check with our Customer Service Representatives for more information.

STATE Postings Include:
• Revised! 1/2007 Minimum Wage, $7.50 effective 1/1/2007 & $8.00 effective 1/01/08
• Revised! 6/2006 Discrimination and Harassment in Employment
• Revised! California “Pregnancy Disability Leave” & “Family Care and Medical Leave” (Notices A & B)
• Whistleblower Law
• Time Off to Vote
• Revised! 1/2007 Workers' Compensation: Notice to Employees
• Revised! 1/2008 EDD Unemployment Insurance Benefits-- Employees of Educational Institutions
• Revised! 6/2006 EDD Unemployment Insurance-- State Disability Insurance, & Paid Family Leave
• EDD Unemployment Insurance-- Temporary Services or Leasing Employers
• Revised! 6/2006 EDD Notice to Employees-- Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)
• Pay Day Notice
• Emergency Numbers

OSHA Postings Include
• Revised! 6/2006 CAL OSHA - Safety and Health Protection on the Job

FEDERAL Postings Include:
• Federal Minimum Wage
• Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
• Employee Polygraph Protection Act
• Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Spanish also available


NOTE:  OSHA requires both a written program and training for Injury and Illness Prevention.  We have a written program available, shown below.  Training information can be found on the training classes link on the left or these links and

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