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OSHA Safety In The Workplace Compliance Poster

Laminated 27'' x 40''

OSHA Safety In The Workplace Compliace Poster


For offices - meet Cal/OSHA safety posting requirements and eliminate the risk of fines up to $25,000.

Poster Includes:
• Freedom from Violence Act
• Added! Access to Medical and Exposure Records
• "No Smoking Law"
• New! Smoking in Public Buildings
• Choking Rescue & CPR at a Glance (recommended for every on-site eating establishment)
• Safety Awareness Training and Safety Meetings
• SB-198 Injury & Illness Prevention Program Company Policy Notice
• Hazard Communication Checklist
• Hazardous Materials Quick Reference
• Workers' Compensation Injury Fraud Notice

Spanish also available


NOTE:  OSHA requires both a written program and training for Injury and Illness Prevention.  We have a written program available, shown below.  Training information can be found on the training classes link on the left or these links and

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