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Heat Stress OSHA Compliance Poster

Laminated 19'' x 25''

Heat Stress OSHA Compliance Poster


Many workers spend some part of their working day in a hot environment. Workers in Agriculture, Construction, and Manufacturing industries along with laundries, dry cleaners and bakeries often face hot working conditions that pose special hazards to the safety and health of these employees.

California issued "emergency regulations" on August 22, 2005 after several workers died from apparent heat-related illnesses. Don't take a chance... be sure your employees and supervisors know the signs, symptoms and dangers of heat related illnesses. Our poster also explains what to do to help prevent heat illnesses & provides an area to write in "emergency" phone numbers.

OSHA's General Duty Clause 29CFR1900.1(b)(1) requires each employer to set up a safety and health program to manage workplace safety and health to reduce injuries, illnesses and fatalities by systematically achieving compliance with OSHA standards and the "General Duty Clause".

Comply with OSHA regulations with the Industrial Heat Stress Poster.

A MUST for all heat-exposed employees in:

    * Agriculture
    * Amusement Parks
    * Athletic Teams
    * Bakeries
    * Campgrounds
    * Construction & Mining
    * Delivery Personnel
    * Dry Cleaners/Laundries
    * Forestry
    * Gardeners
    * Golf & Tennis Clubs
    * Landscaping/Nurseries
    * Petroleum Workers
    * Public Works
    * Race Tracks/Stables
    * Repair & Maintenance
    * Sports Arenas
    * Warehouses
    * Shipyard/Docks
    * Utility Workers

Spanish also available


NOTE:  OSHA requires both a written program and training for Hearing Conservation.  We have a written program available, shown below.  Training information can be found on the training classes link on the left or this link

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