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DOT Compliance Audit & Policy Customizer

DOT Compliance & Policy Customizer
DOT Compliance & Policy Customizer
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Would your company make the grade if faced with a DOT compliance audit? This software makes it easy to find out!

Combining both auditing and policywriting capabilities, the Customizer helps you identify and fix problem areas. It guides you through a self-audit and helps you review all six areas that DOT looks at. It also includes more than 30 templates for creating written policies.

The DOT Compliance Audit & Policy Customizer® features...

  • A Video Introduction - Brief segment explains the two main software functions: auditing and policywriting.
  • DOT Compliance Review Overview - Provides practical background information on the audit process, including definitions, how fitness ratings are determined, an explanation of violations, and a summary of how carriers are selected for review.
  • DOT/Best Practice Audit Tools - Takes you through a detailed DOT audit and covers all the areas DOT reviews. Also allows you to audit other "best practice" areas.
  • Customized Written Policies and Procedures - Just add some basic company-specific information to these pre-written plans, and you're done!
  • Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) - Find out how to update information on your current Motor Carrier Profile and Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCS-150).
  • Corrective Action Plans - Get a plan of action for correcting the violations you find.
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