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Forklift Operator Training Package

Test Questions:

3 Comprehensive Training Videos
- Printable Written Materials
- Forklift Operator Licenses
- OSHA Forklift Poster

Updated Forklift Operator Training Video
This program meets the new OSHA forklift operator training requirements. Safe operating procedures and engineering principles are covered in depth. The information, though technical, is presented in a manner that is clear and easy to understand. A great tool for training new or experienced lift truck operators.

Site-Specific Training Modules Video
This video contains 6 modules needed for site specific training. Videos on Battery Charging, Propane Safety, Carbon Monoxide, Pallet Jacks, Walkie Stackers and more are included for use as dictated by your workplace requirements.

Forking Around Video
This is a humorous program about a serious issue; unsafe acts on forklifts. Scenes are shown and students are asked to identify, "What's Wrong with this Picture?" A great way to keep students involved in the training and hold their interest.

Written Materials on CD-ROM
Everything you need to train your employees. OSHA Regs, Instructor Lesson Plans, All materials are printable and reproducible!

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