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OSHA 300 Recordkeeper

OSHA 300 Recordkeeper
OSHA 300 Recordkeeper
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Now is the time to evaluate your OSHA recordkeeping! Keller-Soft® OSHA 300 Recordkeeper software can streamline the process. The software easily walks you through the process of filling out Forms 300, 301 and 300A, so you can get in compliance with OSHA's recordkeeping requirements.

In addition, this timesaving software keeps your records in one convenient location, so you don't have to search through paper files.

The Keller-Soft® OSHA 300 Recordkeeper allows you to quickly ...

  • Determine whether an illness or injury is recordable*
  • Calculate incidence rates
  • Fill out, print, and save Forms 300, 301 and 300A*.
  • Sort data and generate reports (including a Sharps Injury Log*)
  • Retain records for multiple years*
  • And more!

*OSHA-required tasks!

Features you'll find in the OSHA 300 Recordkeeper include the following:

  • State versions of the Federal 300 form
  • Reports by company location
  • Time of day, shift, department and supervisor associated with an injury/illness
  • Calculate the number of days away from work
  • Expanded PDA capabilities - now works with Windows CE®, Palm OS®, Pocket PC®
  • And much more!

The Keller-Soft® OSHA 300 Recordkeeper also allows you to separate out log entries for contract/temporary employees, distinguishing them from those of your permanent employees. That way you can easily maintain a log for all employees, as required by OSHA.

You can even use the program to record minor injuries and illnesses. Recording first aid cases and near misses can give you a better picture of the safety conditiions at your company.

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