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HR For Motor Carriers Manual

HR For Motor Carriers Manual
HR For Motor Carriers Manual
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Designed to address the unique driver management needs of motor carriers, this convenient reference is packed with a wide range of essential HR and labor-related information.

It explains regulatory requirements in easy-to-understand terms, includes best practices, and gives you valuable insight on how to handle driver management issues like driver qualification, alcohol and drug testing, driver retention, and more.

The HR for Motor Carriers Manual is attorney-reviewed and features an easy-to-follow format that helps you quickly reference info on ...


  • Transport Issues - CDLs, DQ files, owners/operators, drug and alcohol tests and exams, hazmat background checks, hazmat training, driver safety
  • Management - Organizational design/structure, environmental scanning, ROI of HR, HR audits, government contracts, succession planning
  • Hiring - Job analysis, job descriptions, recruiting drivers and other employees, interviewing, immigration, background checks, affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, contractors, leasing employees, employee information, tests/exams
  • New Employees - Employee orientation, employee handbooks, relocation, policies and procedures, training, international employees
  • Wages & Hours - Time off (vacation, leaves), wages, pay administration, job evaluation
  • Benefits - Mandated (Social Security, Medicare, FMLA, etc.), voluntary (health care, retirement, life insurance, etc.), ERISA considerations
  • Employee Relations - Driver and employee retention strategies, performance reviews, work/life balance, hours of service, wellness, discipline and disciplinary actions, training, employee development, labor relations
  • Safety and Security - Workplace and driver safety, workplace and driver security, workplace violence, drug-free workplace and driver diversity
  • Discrimination and Employee Protections - discrimination, harassment, emergency procedures/preparedness, child labor, privacy, ADA issues, Whistleblower protection
  • Workers' Compensation - MOD rate, proactive prevention, medical management, rehabilitation, fraud
  • Employee Separation - Exit interviews, COBRA, unemployment compensation, downsizing/layoffs/reduction in force
  • Recordkeeping & Documentation - Recordkeeping, posters, forms

In addition to all of this real-world compliance guidance, you'll find FAQs for each chapter, sample forms and documents, checklists, definitions, and other helpful tools.

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