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Human Resource Reference Center Software


It's harder than ever to comply with HR laws, regulations and programs. There are thousands of complex rules ... and the rules keep changing.

That's why J. J. Keller has created the Keller-Soft® Human Resource Reference Center™. This all-in-one reference tool gives you instant, single-click access to up-to-date federal and state HR regulations, current legislation, best practices, and "must know" HR issues.

And, it's all on one searchable CD-ROM ... no more time wasted digging through multiple resources. Find what you need in seconds. Plus, it's portable - you can even download it to a laptop or PDA.

Here's a quick rundown of what the Human Resource Reference Center will do for you:


  • SmartAccess™ - Quickly pulls together all information related to your topic. This goes beyond a normal "word search" function. For example, you can compile all information related to FMLA. Or find all information related to a specific state or agency. What would otherwise take you hours - even days - to gather on your own, can now be done in minutes!
  • Organized by job function – See only the information that pertains to your job function. A real timesaver! Sort through and customize regulatory and support information to align with your job responsibilities. No more endless scrolling to find what you want.
  • Forms Module - Gives you dozens of editable forms! Choose from scores of forms related to hiring, discipline/disciplinary actions, FMLA, and more - all ready to edit, save, and print!
  • High-Speed Navigation System - Lets you conduct a broad-range search in seconds! All information is linked - so you're just a click away from seeing everything related to your topic. Search by any key word, combination of words, or reg number.
  • Ask J. J. Keller - Get fast answers to your HR-related questions. This valuable feature allows you to submit your questions to J. J. Keller's experienced team of editors. You'll receive answers to your questions in less than two business days!
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