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Training Customizer - Employee, Supervisor, and Leadership Development Software

Training Customizer Software
Training Customizer Software
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Keller-Soft® Training Customizer software provides managers with a comprehensive training program for the entire workforce ... from general employees, to supervisors, to leadership development.

More than 50 Human Resources-related topics are featured in fully developed programs. Each topic can be used as-is to help save time or customized to provide the ultimate flexibility in creating training programs with your specific company requirements.

You can also use the Keller-Soft® Training Customizer to schedule your training, keep training records, and create custom reports.

For each topic, the software provides an introduction, PowerPoint® presentation, background information, outline of points to cover, and handouts and quizzes in both English and Spanish. Training information comes in a ready-to-use format, allowing you to get started right away.

The Keller-Soft® Training Customizer features...

  • Three Different Categories of Training - employee, supervisor, and leadership
    Employee Track:
    • Managing Stress
    • Personal Safety
    • Sexual Harassment
    Supervisor Track:
    • Communication Skills
    • OSHA - Injury and Illness Recordkeeping
    • Performance Management
    Leadership Track:
    • Interviewing and Hiring
    • Leading Successful Meetings
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Employee Information Tool - for simplified entering, viewing, and editing of data
  • Photo/Graphics Import Tool - add company-specific logos, graphics, and photography for customization
  • Module for Tracking Information - tracks training history, employees, and scheduled training programs for use in reports
  • PowerPoint Presentations - presentations for each topic, complete with images and photography
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