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Eye on Defensive Driving Training


This fast-paced training program instructs drivers on defensive driving techniques using hazard perception challenge methodology. A variety of scenarios on typical defensive driving situations are shown to drivers. Each one pauses in the middle to ask drivers "what did you see" and "what would you do next" questions. Drivers answer the questions on Video Scenario Review Blanks.

The hazard perception challenge format helps drivers enhance their skill level, and it helps them - and you - see how well they understand and can apply the material they've been learning. It's involving, fast-paced, and demanding.

J. J. Keller’s EYE ON Defensive Driving covers the following topics:

  • Seeing and being seen
  • Having heightened awareness
  • Managing your speed and space
  • Having the right attitude

Intended Audience
All drivers of commercial motor vehicles

Approximately 1 hour.

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