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I.W.C. Industry Specific Wage Notice Compliance Poster

Laminated 27'' x 40''
Wage Order:

I.W.C. Industry Specific Wage Notice Compliance Poster


As a California employer, you must post the revised I.W.C. Wage, Hour, Overtime & Working Conditions Notice specific to your industry.

Please select your "industry" in the drop-down box below before adding to your cart

17 wage orders are available..

Choose your specific industry group:
Wage Order 1 - Manufacturing Industry
Wage Order 2 - Personal Service Industry
Wage Order 3 - Canning, Freezing, and Preserving Industry
Wage Order 4 - Professional, Technical, Clerical, Mechanical, and Similar Occupations
Wage Order 5 - Public House Keeping Industry
Wage Order 6 - Laundry, Linen Supply, Dry Cleaning, And Dyeing Industry
Wage Order 7 - Mercantile Industries
Wage Order 8 - Industries Handling Products After Harvest
Wage Order 9 - Transportation Industry
Wage Order 10 - Amusement and Recreation Industry

NOTE:  Labor Law requires a written policy for employees.  We have a written program available, shown below. 

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