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California Code of Safe Practices Compliance Poster

Laminated 19'' x 25''

California Code of Safe Practices Compliance Poster


Mandatory per Title 8 Sec. 1509 Construction General Industry Safety Orders. The Code of Safe Practices poster was designed with construction sites in mind. It provides your employees detailed information dealing with specific hazards and situations on your jobsite. This poster will help train and reinforce the safety training given.

Poster Includes:
• Individual Responsibilities
• Conduct at Work
• Safety Belts and Safety Lanyards
• Housekeeping
• Hoisting
• Oxygen and Acetylene Torches
• Post Tensioning Equipment
• Ear Protection
• Hand Protection
• Excavations
• General Safety
• Slips and Falls
• Handling Materials
• Power Machinery
• Motorized Equipment
• Hand Tools
• Portable Power Tools
• Chemicals
• Fire Prevention
• Air Activated Tools
• Rebar/Impalement
• Working over or Near Water

Spanish also available


NOTE:  OSHA requires both a written program and training for Injury and Illness Prevention.  We have a written program available, shown below.  Training information can be found on the training classes link on the left or these links and

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