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Construction Emergency Medical Plan Manual


Designed in an easy-to-follow format, it contains all the required information to customize a construction site-specific emergency medical service plan.  This program is a thorough reference and employee training guide.

The current and relevant California and Federal OSHA standards have been included for easy reference. Other reference materials are also included.
Both English and Spanish employee training manuals and testing materials are included. Permission to reproduce both the Employee Safety Manual and quizzes is noted in the manual. A reproducible Documentation of Training form is also a part of the package.

This customizable program is packed with information and templates for your site-specific plan:

  • Emergency Medical Services Program Policy

Emergency Procedures and Checklist

  • Illness and Injury Reporting Policy
  • Appropriately Trained Persons

First Aid Kit and Inspection Form

  • Informing Employees of Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Phone List and Procedures to Report an Emergency
  • Provision for Obtaining Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Washing Facilities and Basket Litter
  • Emergency Call Systems

Compliance:  T8 CCR 1512, 29 CFR General Duty Clause

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