Employee safety meetings in English and Spanish.

Employee safety is a vital concern. Monthly safety meetings provide safety education and raise safety awareness. It prevents injuries. Certain training is mandated by Cal OSHA. Safety meetings ensure personnel receive that required training. All monthly safety training sessions will need to be documented, including topic, date, names of participating employees, and name of trainer. (However, they are not a substitute for specialized required training, such as forklift safety.) The programs cover a wide range of topics. A typical year might look like this:

January Code of Safe Practices
February Pro-active Safety Attitudes
March Preventing Slips and Falls
April Personal Protective Equipment
May Back Injury Prevention - Back Belts
June Ergonomics
July Bloodborne Pathogens
August Eye and Hand Injury Prevention
September Hazard Communication
October Lockout-Tagout
November Evacuation Procedures
December Sexual Harassment

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