Using the standards from the regulatory agencies applicable to your industry, we will go over all of your plans, programs, and records. We will note those areas that are up to standard, those that have minor deficiencies, and those that may need to be updated, replaced, or revamped.

  1. We will look for the plan.
    The risk assessment and analysis must be predetermined, documented in a plan which must include the criteria for acceptable risk.
  2. We will look at the hazard identification.
    The hazard analyses and assessments required in the plan must identify the safety risks associated with the system or operations under evaluation.
  3. We will look at your analysis.
    The risks must be characterized in terms of severity of consequence and likelihood of occurrence.
  4. We will evaluate the risk assessment.
    The risk assessment of the hazards examined must be compared to the acceptability criteria specified in the plan and the results provided in a manner and method easily adapted for decision making.
  5. Finally we will evaluate the decisions made.
    The risk management decision must include the safety risk assessment and the risk assessments may be used to compare and contrast options.

In checking your recordkeeping, we will determine what training is necessary to get your employees into compliance. We can also guide you in setting up a viable record keeping program. Through this process we will help determine priorities for that training.

We will also go through the facility or site with a camera and prepare a photo report showing safety violations with recommendations for correction. Each page also provides a way to document each of the corrections.