It is better to have Safety Training Specialists come out to your job site or shop to assist your safety efforts, so you know what is going on at your site, than to have OSHA visit and issue a citation and penalty.

Any sound safety program requires a jobsite inspection schedule. A reasonable jobsite inspection schedule might consist of random documented inspections of each active jobsite at least one per month.

The results of these documented inspections would then be discussed with the field manager and any trade personnel on the jobsite at that time, and if needed, a follow-up re-inspection would be scheduled to confirm correction of needed safety deficiencies.

Immediate action can include:

  • Evaluating the potential hazard, and correcting it if possible
  • Immediately notifying all persons exposed to avoid the hazard
  • Contacting the competent person or safety coordinator to either immediately fix the hazard of determine that there is no hazard