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Sexual Harassment, Heat Illness, Military Leave Amendment: What You Need to Know

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Every 2 Years

Did You Know…

Supervisors are required to go through a two-hour sexual Harassment Prevention training every 2 years?

Under AB 1825, now included in California Government Code, training must be repeated every 2 years. Safety Training Specialist, Inc. can provide that training for you. We have a couple of opportunities for you to consider:

  • Two 2-hour sessions of Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors. This way you will always have half of your supervisory team on the job.


  • One 2-hour session of Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors and one 2-hour session of Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors.

Below are the basic provisions of the AB 1825:

  • 50 or More Employees. AB 1825 applies only to organizations that regularly employ 50 or more employees or regularly “receive the services of” 50 or more persons. (Independent contractors and temps are included in 50+ number.)
  • Two Hours of Training Every Two Years. The deadline for the first round of AB 1825 training was December 31, 2005. Thereafter, employers must provide two hours of sexual harassment training to each supervisory employee, every two years.
  • New Hires and Promotions. New supervisory employees must be trained within six months of their assumption of a supervisory position, and thereafter, every two years.
  • High Quality Training Required. The training mandated by California’s AB 1825 must be of a high quality, conducted via “classroom or other effective interactive training” and must include the following topics:
  • Information and practical guidance regarding federal and state statutory laws about sexual harassment.
  • Information about the correction of sexual harassment and the remedies available to victims of sexual harassment.
  • Practical examples aimed at instructing supervisors in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.
  • Failure to Comply Opens the Door to Harassment Lawsuits. A claim than an employer failed to provide AB 1825-mandated sexual harassment training does not automatically result in the liability of an employer for harassment. Plaintiffs will argue, however, that the failure to meet the new training mandates is evidence of an employer’s failures to take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment.

Heat Illness Prevention

Get ready for the heat . . . and the check box on the OSHA inspector’s check list for written programs:

Since Cal OSHA instituted the heat illness prevention requirements, it is on the list of things to look for when an OSHA inspector comes to visit during the Spring and Summer months.

Safety Training Specialists, Inc. has a program all-but-ready to implement. You just need to customize it for your site-specific situation. It is available for $165.00. It includes the policy information, program plan, preventative steps, methods and procedures, documentation tools, and the training materials.

Whether or not you buy the manual, here are the five must-train preventative steps from Cal OSHA:

  • Frequent drinking of water.
  • Rest in cooler areas.
  • Give time to acclimatize
  • Know the signs and symptoms
  • Know the emergency steps to take.

We can help you remain in compliance with OSHA regulations for heat illness and heat related safety problems.

Military Family Leave Amendment

Have you heard about the latest amendment signed into law regarding the Military Family Leave Amendments?

All businesses and organizations must post the revised version of the law. Contact us today to order the May All-On-One poster now and we’ll ship it to you quick so you can remain in OSHA compliance.

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