STS, Inc. is able to conduct Tower Crane Inspections on a one-time, monthly, or as required basis.

These inspections consists of the following:

  • Visual evaluation of the foundation, tower crane structure, jib and counter jib.
  • Check of trolley in/out limits, upper/lower hook limits, controls, required placards.
  • Review of daily weekly, monthly inspection records and determination that corrective action is completed.
  • Review of deficiencies and validate correction found in certifier and Cal/OSHA inspections.
  • Provide written report indicating findings of above and any additional deficiencies.

This does not include load testing hoist line limits or load limits along the jib.


  • The load test is conducted by a crane certifier at installation of the crane and by Cal/OSHA at installation and in 6 month intervals.
  • If an agreement is reached to conduct twelve consecutive inspections the fee will be $925.00 per inspection.