Training Details

Each hazmat employer must:

  • train and test,
  • certify, and
  • develop and retain records of current training (inclusive of preceding three years) for each hazmat employee (during the period of employment and 90 days thereafter).

Hazmat training must include:

  • General awareness/familiarization,
  • Function-specific,
  • Safety, and
  • Driver training (for each hazmat employee who will operate a motor vehicle).

Frequency of Training

Initial training

  • a new employee, or an employee who changes job functions, may perform hazmat job functions before completing training, provided:
  • the employee does so under the direct supervision of a properly trained and knowledgeable hazmat employee; and
  • the hazmat training is completed within 90 days of employment or change in job function.
  • Recurrent training is required at least once every three years. The three year period begins on the actual date of training.
  • Relevant training received from a previous employer or source may be used to satisfy the requirements provided a current record of training is obtained from the previous employer or source.

Training Records must include:

  • Hazmat employee’s name;
  • Completion date of most recent training;
  • Training Materials (Copy, description, or location);
  • Name and address of hazmat trainer; and
  • Certification that the hazmat employee has been trained and tested.