COURSE: Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Program

CATEGORY: General Industry, Construction

COMPLIANCE REFERENCE: 49 CFR FMCSA Part 40, Subpart 382.601-382.603

Each employer shall provide to all designated supervisory personnel on reasonable suspicion on alcohol misuse and controlled substances.  This training also includes supervisory personnel which supervises workers covered under the Employers Substance Abuse Policy which performs others safety-sensitive functions.

Reasonable Suspicion Recognition Supervisor Training, 4 hours 

The purpose of the 4 hour presentation is to thoroughly review the regulatory requirement as well as the documentation and responsibilities managers and supervisors need to follow in order to implement their company’s substance abuse policy effectively.  The meeting will cover a review of regulations, a discussion, example scenarios, video segments and a written exam.

Policy and Awareness meeting for All Workers, 1 1/2 hours

Covers the company Substance Abuse Prevention Program and communicates the purpose and benefits of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program.  Includes a discussion and written exam.

The manual is available for purchase from Safety Training Specialist, Inc.  It comes with a computer disk which allows you to develop and mpersonalize the doucment with your site specific information adn person responsible for administering the program.