Complete DOT Hazardous Materials training that exceeds requirements for both your initial and recurrent training requirements.

The Department of Transportation (49 CFR 172.704) makes training mandatory for almost anyone who handles hazardous materials, regardless of the amount.

Federal regulations found in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) Part 172.702 require that each employer whose employees work with hazardous materials (as defined in sections 49 CFR 171 and 172) must train each of its hazmat employees.   “Hazmat employees” include those who prepare the packages for shipping, label containers, prepare, sign or review the paperwork, load trucks, drive the vehicles or unload or receive the hazardous materials.

A hazmat employee who performs any of these functions may not perform the function unless he or she has been trained in the requirements of hazardous materials (generally: identification, classification, labeling, marking, placarding, packaging, etc.) that apply to that function. It is the duty of each hazmat employer to comply with the applicable requirements of this subchapter and to ensure that each hazmat employee is thoroughly instructed each hazmat employee.

In addition, hazmat employers must ensure that each of hazmat employee is tested by appropriate means on the training subjects covered in Sec. 172.704.

DOT requires initial training and recurrent training every three years.

Safety Training Specialists, Inc.  offers complete DOT Hazardous Materials training that exceeds these requirements for both your initial and recurrent training requirements.  We train your employees to recognize hazards, classify according to the standards, package, mark and label in compliance, and to use the reference materials properly to do it quickly and accurately.  Our training materials and reference guides will be of use to your employees on the job; helping them reduce mistakes, eliminate fines, and improve efficiency.

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