Mission and Purpose

Emergency Preparedness Consultants is a division of Safety Training Specialists, Inc. established in 1981. The mission of Emergency Preparedness Consultants is to assist business and industry in achieving a competent level of emergency preparedness.

This is accomplished by providing planning, assessments, consultations, training, drills and exercises, provisions and supplies. Our programs and services are tailored and customized for your specific organization.

  • Consulting Services, Audit and Vulnerability Assessment, in compliance to the California Code of Regulations
  • Development of OSHA required and approved Written Plans
  • Emergency Preparedness Equipment and Supplies
  • Emergency Preparedness Training Programs. Courses are tailored and conducted at your facility in English or Spanish, weekends or weekdays, at a time convenient to your organization. The emphasis of our training is practical, hands-on experience.
  • Disaster Drills and Simulations. Emergency Preparedness Consultants is able to plan, customize, coordinate, develop and conduct emergency response drills and multi-casualty response exercises. This is an excellent method of evaluating and improving your organization’s emergency response capabilities.
  • Customized Emergency Evacuation Maps

Faculty and Consulting Team

Safety Training Specialists, Inc.’s team of Emergency Preparedness Consultants and Trainers have been developing emergency plans for 100’s of organizations over the last 2 1/2 decades. Our staff is comprised of bilingual EMS professionals with hands-on national and international emergency and disaster response experience.

You will discover that our faculty has over 40 years of practical experience in real life emergency response. Additionally, we have developed hundreds of emergency preparedness programs and trained thousands of workers in CPR, first aid, and disaster response.

Training Classes

We offer hands-on OSHA compliance training in English or Spanish. Flexible scheduling is available, including nights and weekends, to meet your needs. See below for list of some of the relevant classes.