Safety Training Specialists offers a wide range of OSHA training courses for your industry.

We can help your business determine the proper amount of training required to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. We are available to teach training classes throughout the United States. Classes are common for the following California regions: Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, Ontario, San Bernardino & Riverside.

Certified & Compliant

Meet and exceed ANSI/ASSE Z490.1-2016 and CA/Federal OSHA standards—including CFR, T8 CCR, Hazardous Materials code, and DOT code.

Expert Training

Certified experts with more than 30 years of experience. Letters of accreditation and certificates are available upon request.


Onsite customized training. Curriculum tailored to meet your site-specific needs.


All our classes are being offered in English and Spanish.

Classes by Category

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To view our classes, start by browsing through our full catalog below. For more information on each class, just click on the “VIEW” button or contact us by using our contact page or calling (800) 794-7233.