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About Safety Training Specialists, Inc.

Who We Are

Safety Training Specialists, Inc. has successfully supported the safety requirements of many types of businesses since 1981. Over the years, we have developed a staff and a network of services that can meet the safety requirements of nearly any situation. Our staff have certifications from multiple agencies, including OSHAAmerican Heart AssociationNational Safety CouncilAmerican Safety and Health InstituteAmerican Red Cross, specialized equipment training, and others. We offer bilingual nationwide service and safety consulting.

Our job is to train your employees to be safe while doing their job. Working with your management, we can determine what training is necessary in order for your employees to be safe and your company to be OSHA compliant. The training is always customized to your company needs. It can be for general safety, construction safety, manufacturing safety, or even specific equipment safety, such as a power press. The employees are tested to ensure their comprehension and you have documentation to keep for your records.

Safety and your company

Safety is in everyone's best interest. However, it is not only because the health of your employees is important. A strong safety program also reduces your company's insurance premiums and reduces liability and litigation costs. STS, Inc. will work with your management to determine how best, in your specific situation, to meet your site's safety needs. The majority of our clients have been working with us for many years, as we continually evolve the site-specific safety program to changes in the company, regulations, equipment, and employees.

OSHA and your company

STS, Inc. works with your company to simplify the complex morass of OSHA regulations. We provide professional and comprehensive, multi-agency regulatory compliance and bilingual training for businesses, general industry, construction, and municipalities. Strategically aligning our company’s services with your company structure, we assist you in accomplishing your safety goals.

Accidents and your company

With the best intentions, accidents can still happen. They can be devastating to the company and its employees. An aggressive, knowledgeable response from STS, Inc. can make an enormous difference. We can help you with the investigation to find the cause. We can set in motion changes to ensure the accident is not repeated. Perhaps most importantly, STS, Inc. can provide experienced representation of your company to OSHA. These elements reduce the effects of an accident as much as possible.

OSHA requires plans and programs to be in place for multiple safety issues. Again working with your management, we can determine what program and plans are necessary in order for your company to be OSHA compliant. We have templates of programs or plans available for almost any requirement. These manuals are easily adapted to your company’s site specific needs. We even offer the additional service of doing the customizing of the manual for you based on the information you provide.

We know the safety equipment available and can guide you in the selection of supplies, equipment, kits, posters, and other materials. We can provide custom evacuation maps and run evacuation drills. We can do monthly inspections to keep your facility at its peak of safety. Noise testing and air testing for industrial hygiene are among our services. In some situations, Safety Officers are required. STS, Inc. can provide them. If you have a safety need, we will do our best to serve that need or point you in the right direction.


Some of our services are best provided in the Southern California area, such as monthly inspections and weekly tailgate meetings. We serve companies in Ontario, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Chino, Oxnard, King County, Lancaster, and many other locations.

However, most of our services and products are available and suitable for anywhere in the country. California OSHA regulations are the toughest in the country, so complying with those regulations pretty much covers anywhere in the United States.