Sexual Harassment Program Manual


The purpose of this manual is to clearly present the new legal requirements mandated by state law, in order to educate your employees, supervisors and managers. The goal is to prevent and help to eliminate this potential serious problem from your workplace. The manual offers customizable policy and safety information for establishing company policy and assignment of responsibilities.

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As of January 1, 2006, employers operating in California who employ 50 or more workers must complete the first round of mandatory sexual harassment training for managers and supervisors. Once under Assembly Bill 1825, the requirement is now noted in the California General Code, Section 12940(a)(h), e(i).

Using the Sexual Harassment manual alone does not count as compliance on its own. However, if a competent person administers the material to the employees along with a video and discussion, the requirements of California Government Code Section 12940 (a)(h), e(i) can be met.

The current and relevant standards have been included for easy reference. Other reference materials are also included.

Both English and Spanish employee training manuals and testing materials are included. Permission to reproduce both the Employee Safety Manual and quizzes is noted in the manual. A reproducible Documentation of Training form is also a part of the package.

Some of the other elements included in the manual are:

  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Sexual Harassment Makes Good Working Conditions Impossible
  • How to Recognize Sexual Harassment at Work
  • Responding to Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do
  • Responding to Sexual Harassment: What Your Employer is Doing
  • The Investigation Procedure
  • Sample Complaint Form

NOTE: Your company will be provided with a sample policy on a customizable CD, to tailor with your company information and distribute to your employees.

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Compliance Reference

California General Code, Section 12940(a)(h), e(i)