3M 8000 Respirator Product Recall From Cal OSHA

Is your respirator safe or is there a risk for you or your employer?

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Some safety personal ventilators and respirators made reference to the “8000 series respirator.” That term has triggered a deluge of questions to Cal/OSHA about whether other 3M respirators are affected by the recall, which was ordered when health-care employers reported an unacceptably high failure rate during fit tests.

Only the 8000 series are affected on the State Respirator Recall. For instance, Craig Brown, senior industrial hygienist for the VHA Center for Engineering & Occupational Safety and Health reports several sub-series of the 3M 8000 N95 respirators with different face molds, such as 8210, 8211, 8511, 8612, 8670 and more. These are not affected by the recall.

The only respirators that have been recalled are the model 8000, says DOSH Senior Safety Engineer Deborah Gold. “Other 8000 series N95 respirators are not affected by the alert,” she says.

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