Flagger and Traffic Control Instructor Manual 


Motorists kill about 20 flaggers each year.  Flaggers have an important job. They’re responsible for guiding vehicles and pedestrians through or around construction areas while protecting on-site workers. That’s why it’s so important for flaggers to have proper training. This package will help you explain to your flaggers what their responsibilities are and how to promote an accident-free work site.

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According to the Construction Safety Orders of the California Code of Regulations, flaggers are required at locations on a construction site where barricades and warning signs can’t control the moving traffic.  Construction site managers are also responsible for insuring that their equipment and their workers are protected while working in these traffic areas.  They need to know when a flagger should be in place.

Before being assigned as a flagger, the individual must be trained in the proper fundamentals of flagging moving traffic. Training, instruction, and signaling directions used by flaggers should conform to the “Manual of Traffic Controls for Construction and Maintenance Work Zones,” published by the State Department of Transportation
This manual explains the responsibilities employers have in assigning flaggers and the qualifications flaggers must meet.  It also includes a PowerPoint presentation, a reproducible student handbook and written exam, answer key, and documentation of training form.  It also covers:

  • flagger equipment which must be used
  • the layout of the work zone and flagging station
  • methods to signal traffic to stop, proceed or slow down
  • methods of one-way control
  • practical demonstration of proper flagging methods by trainee
  • how to respond to emergency vehicles traveling through the work zone
  • how to handle emergency situations
  • methods of dealing with hostile drivers
  • flagging procedures when only a single flagger is used

Flaggers must be trained by someone with the qualifications and experience necessary to effectively instruct the employee in the proper fundamentals of flagging moving traffic. This training package will help you be this person.

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Compliance Reference

T8 CCR 1599, 29 CFR 1926.201